Wisdom: Full Spectrum

wisdom, ful spectrumHailing from Sunny CA, rapper/singer Wisdom takes an international trip through sound on his new album Full Spectrum. As a rapper and a reggae singer, Wisdom already has an appealingly aberrant sound; incorporating middle-eastern melodies and samples into his music, Wisdom takes that funkiness a step further and insinuates a compelling Full Spectrum of sound on his new album.

While at times, namely only a few, the production meagerly provides the right sound groundwork for Wisdom to instill his meaningful lyrics on, for the most part, the Rastafarian guitar riffs, groovy bass lines and the emphasis on the off-beats create a very enjoyable atmosphere while Wisdom either raps or sings to the rhythm of the steady drums. Nearly every other track trades styles as Wisdom goes back and forth between accented Reggae singing and verbally intense rapping. The one common denominator among nearly every song on this album is that the lyrics are quite personal, deep and meaningful. “Longest Day” is the epitome of this as Wisdom depicts the horrible tragedy of his mother passing away. Singing a tear-jerking hook, it’s songs like this that break any facades Wisdom may have and brings the listener ever-closer to the artist. This connection is crucial for it aids Wisdom in his appeal to the listeners, something that he establishes very well throughout the album.

While it is true that many songs are personal, as a rapper, it’s always a one-up to deliver some lyrical microphone shredding, and Wisdom does this a few times, most notably on “Lyricism.” Wisdom’s flow fares well, although there are times when his flow falters and slips off beat. Generally, the Californian emcee keeps his rhymes intact and gives a slick-tongued flow.

A few tracks here and there throw off the album’s consistency, but as a whole, the album has a pretty sound feel. Hip hop and reggae is Wisdom’s specialty and he combines the both worlds, along with a third-world influence to emit the catchy vibes heard on Full Spectrum. Although it is tough to pinpoint a specific sound Wisdom sticks to, which is a slight fault of his, drawing upon a large-scale soundscape to create his songs ultimately opens a unique world for Wisdom to explore musically. Full Spectrum finds Wisdom continuing along the path of his unique sound, all while building his skill, delivering average quality reggae and hip hop and displaying a versatility not seen in many other artists.
Rating: 6.2/10
MP3: Wisdom “Aye O”
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