Wolf Girl: We Tried

Wolf Girl, a four piece indie pop band with a punk side, has been jamming since 2013. Their music is like the more romantic side of juvenile delinquency –endearing and sincere but grungy in a cool way. With a unique approach to what’s quickly becoming a dead horse genre, Wolf Girl is all about distinct, no-nonsense songs that will win your heart and ears. Hoping to break status quo, Wolf Girl’s latest album, We Tried is a tribute to all things good and sacred in the DIY and indie worlds. With the perfect recipe for good music, each member of the band relentlessly plays their heart out for a accessible and very digestible listen.

We Tried doesn’t necessarily introduce anything new, but perfectly melds together some familiar twee sounds, the vocals and jangle of the guitar in particular stand out, while also introducing a more garage inspired, somewhat punk, very DIY vibe. It’s a mix of quick rhythm and catchy melodies. The entire affair is refreshing from start to finish.

While it’s hard to pin down any one track as the all-star of We Tried, the album does have several highlights. “Skinned Teen Zine Machin” for instance, acts like a punk anthem, paying tribute to the growing and ever changing scene. Its follow-up, “Deep Sea Diver,” is a little more of a predictable, shoegazey, indie jam. Neither song is particularly memorable, but stand out as very enjoyable. Similarly, “Are You Reading A Dirty Book” is also a solid listen, with its surf rock atmosphere, deep vocals, and texture. While the album doesn’t ever particularly do much to wow you, it consistently delivers killer track after killer track.

Wolf Girl’s We Tried is a twist, one half twee pop, one half punk. The band takes their often catchy, very jangly, super tasty melodies and cuts them with a dash of distortion, speed, and reverb. Wolf Girl, very simply put, is the indie pop band America needs right about now –with any luck, We Tried will gain some heavy recognition on this side of the pond, and inspire some fresh new music. If you’re looking to improve upon that indie pop repertoire, Wolf Girl’s We Tried is a new necessity.

Rating: 7.0/10

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