Yelle “Ici & Maintenant (Voyou Remix)”

Remember the John Stewart cameo in Half Baked, the “have you ever tried this….on weed???” guy? I’d like to find someone who’s listened to this Voyou remix of Yelle‘s “Ici Et Maintenant” on…well, other substances than weed and ask them how the ride was. Because this song sounds like its just begging to be listened to while on….something. It’s a hypnotic, trance-inducing, mind-numbing luge of a journey through sound. Truly, I feel like I’m racing down the side of an icy mountain in one of those toboggan-type things, flying by at absurd speeds but somehow feeling in total control. This song is a mental workout wrapped in a 7 minute package and every second of it truly keeps you in the “here and now.”

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