YG: My Life 4Hunnid

Many can remember their first time hearing a YG song, presumably from a car radio. His vivacious persona and enthralling lyrics figuratively carrying listeners to the West Coast. My Life 4 Hunnid is the latest and fifth studio album from the Compton native. The 13 track project is surprisingly short at only thirty-three minutes, making it suitable for a quick workout.

“Blood Walk” is an allegretto piece that glorifies gang culture. YG openly associates himself with the historic Blood gang and so does his constituents, Lil Wayne and D3szn. Undoubtedly, Chicano influences are showcased with pan flute wisps and Spanish guitar vibrations. The lead single “Out on Bail” was inspired by YG’s recent release from jail. Collaborative drum pad strikes emphasize the track’s theme of subjugation, while thoughts of slain friend Nipsey Hu$$le and an incessant plague of social dilemmas make that goal seem unattainable. Dynamic duo Chris Brown and Tyga join YG in “Rodeo”, a collaboration expressing admiration of the female form. This track samples Tupac Shakur‘s 1996 classic “How Do You Want It” and honors sexual flexibility. “SWAG” has incited dance videos across a multitude of social media platforms. An abundance of users display their magical conversion from frumpy to fabulous with swagger and intensity. Last but equally notable are two skits entitled “Traumatized Interlude” and “Traumatized Interlude 2” which include snippets of YG’s daughter articulating her distrust of law enforcement. It may astonish listeners to hear an adolescent display anxiety when facing potential harm.

Overall, My Life 4Hunnid is a rather playable compilation of uptempo songs. It’s youthful appeal and vulgar content make for an awesome party playlist. You may find a few tracks that are the right fit for your daily commute.

Rating: 7.0/10

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