Yogi featuring AlunaGeorge & Less Is Moore “Blow You Up (NVOY REMIX)”

I’m transported straight back to 1992 when listening to this bouncy, frenetic NVOY remix of Yogi/AlunaGeorge/Less Is Moore‘s “Blow You Up.” It’s got a slight twist of “New jack swingness” that makes me picture Janet Jackson and her troop of dancers getting down to business with one of those mics that attach to your head so both hands are free for the smooth choreography. The sounds, melodies and tempo just scream Cross Color jeans and unlaced Timberland boots. Couldn’t you just see them performing this at the end of “In Living Color” while a young J-Lo shakes her ass and Shawn Wayans “DJ’s” in the background? Always appreciate a quick vacay in the 90’s time machine.