Young Thug: Slime Season

With an album title like Slime Season, it is no surprise that Young Thug’s latest mixtape is the weirdest one yet. Riddled with raspy croons, showy beats and energetic rhymes, Slime Season is entertaining at its best and insipidly redundant at its worse. Captivating as the Atlanta’ unique vocals might be, a voice like that can get harsh on the ears after awhile.

The album opens with an average sounding track featuring Lil Wayne. The song isn’t bad, but the most intriguing part of the song is the uncanny similarity in the weezy sounds of the rapper’s voices. The following song “Quaterback” is enjoyable but goes on much longer than it needs to. You can get everything that the song has to offer within the first minute, aside from the highlights of the features from Migos members Quavo and Offset. The redundancy of the tracks makes the tape a tough listen; the mixtape could have been 8 tracks instead of 18 and wouldn’t be missing much. For the most part, listeners have to rely on features and pop producers to disrupt the monotonous prattle that chokes Slime Season. It’s true that the oddball Atlanta rapper has a sort of charm to him but it is not a very seductive one. Young Thug’s to be sexual makes songs like “No Way” uncomfortable ones. Awkward and graphic, the bedroom talk verses are a bit too ambitious.

Luckily, there are several gems hidden in the Slime. “Calling Your Name” has a rocky start as the first few minutes minutes appear to be one long transition into a pop house beat drop that makes more sense as the song goes on. “Again” is another enjoyable track, partially because it’s produced by London On Da Track and features Gucci Mane and partially because Young Thug’s verse gives off all the right vibes. 13th on the track list, Young Thug’s vocals begin to be too much by this point in the tape and these relaxed vibes were much needed. Also produced by London On Da Track, “Power” sticks out as a pleasant listen due to its chill sound and laid-back flow.

So the moral of the story is it’s not a horrible album, just overwhelmingly weird. Though a lot of the content on Slime Season is hard to get into, there’s definitely a good amount of creativity and charisma in the witty lines and eccentric beats. But in my opinion, Young Thug should put more focus on killing his features and less on delivering mediocre mixtapes.

Rating: 6.2/10

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