Zechs Marquise: Getting Paid

zechs marquise, getting paidZechs Marquise: Getting Paid
Zechs Marquise must have a great sense of irony to name their new record Getting Paid. I say that because Zech Marquise play instrumental prog-rock, not exactly a cash cow genre. Yet I must admit that their sophomore album is infinitely more accessible than their debut.
The band’s debut album, Our Delicate Stranded Nightmare was a difficult piece to be sure. It bounced from soft symphonic music to freak out noise crescendos. Getting Paid is a much more even keel record. It sounds like the band came to the studio ready to party.
The album opens with the titular track. The track borrows influence simultaneously from Edgar Winter‘s “Frankenstein” and the soundtrack to Killer of Sheep. The track is funky and experimental and reminds me a little of RJD2‘s “The Horror.”
A good majority of the album keeps the same general vibe. The songs that delineate are the tracks with guest vocalists. The album features appearances by Matt Embree and Sunnie Baker. These tracks do pale in comparison to their instrumental brethren but do not sully the album.
Considering instrumental prog-rock is not a genre I often get to cover or generally listen to, Getting Paid really caught my attention. The album manages to make a genre that is generally inaccessible feel almost mainstream worthy.
Rating: 8.5/10
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