Zedd featuring Alessia Cara “Stay”

Fresh off her sultry SNL performance last weekend, Alessia Cara joins heavyweight producer Zedd for a beautiful slice of EDM/Pop goodness that’s destined to become a smash hit. Alessia sounds fantastic as usual, with her breathy, silky-smooth vocals coating Zedd’s marching band-esque percussion like a generous layer of honey on toast. Her relatable lyrics – “livin on your sofa, drinkin rum and cola” –  definitely pose a good argument for not leaving. The chorus announces itself with a bouncy synth melody that plays off of Cara’s, and the result is more warm and fuzzy feelings that dig you deeper into said sofa. When’s the last time you heard a song this much fun that’s basically about doing nothing? It’s like a song version of Seinfeld! Taking Alessia and Zedd’s cue, I just cancelled all plans for the weekend and i’ll be staying in, in honor of this song.

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