Release Dates

All dates below represent the United States record release dates. This post is updated regularly to reflect new and changing release dates.

November 10th
Andreas Spechtl: Thinking About Tomorrow, And How To Build It
Ball & Boe: Together Again
Chomper: Medicine Mountain
CUP: Hiccup
The Dayoffs: The Dayoffs
Diamond Terrifier Cipher: Chapel Master
Electric Wizard: Wizard Bloody Wizard
Entheos: Dark Future
Field Medic: Songs From the Sunroom
Gun Outfit: Out Of Range
Hüsker Dü: Savage Young Dü
Lauren Strange: Salt EP
The Moth: Hysteria
Neosho: Borderline
Peter Oren: Anthropocene
Pretty Lightning: The Rhythm Of Ooze
Quicksand: Interiors
Saents: Saents
Spinning Coin: Permo
Sumie: Lost in Light
Teen Daze: Themes For A New Earth
Toothgrinder: Phantom Amour

November 14th
Cameron Bethany: You Make Me Nervous

November 15th
We Are: The Guard: Indie Christmas

November 17th
Bee Bee Sea: Sonic Boomerang
Cadence Calling: Dark Sentiment
Counterfeit Madison: Opposable Thumbs
The County Liners: Mary Jane Dunphe & Chris McDonnell in the County Liners
The Darts: Me. Ow
Digital Release: Positive Approach
Electric Wizard: Wizard Bloody Wizard
ensemble, et al.: The Slow Reveal
Freedom Hawk: Freedom Hawk
Gingerlys: Gingerlys
Jamie Porter Band: Sonic Smile
Karl Blau: Out Her Space
Marisa Anderson: Traditional and Public Domain Songs
Mike Finnigan: Home Again
Native Sun: Songs Born From Love and Hate
Pow Pow Family Band: All Right
Reto A Ichi: Alone Moving Often
Rose Tiger: From Top To Bottom
Scent: KIM EP
Security Project: Contact
The She’s: “all female rock and roll quartet”
Tame Impala: Currents (Collector’s Edition)
Trudy and the Romance: Junkyard Jazz EP
Vast Asteroid: Vast Asteroid

November 18th
Francis Bowies: Let Everything Live

November 20th
Fuzz: Heart Is Bleeding
On The Wane: Schism
The Telescopes: Stone Tape

November 24th
Astrobal: Memories of Stars
Death Of Lovers: The Acrobat
Engelbert Humperdinck: The Man I Want To Be
A Million Machines: A Million Machines
New Fumes: Teeming 2
Nick Garrie: The Moon and The Village
Tundran: Morning Moon EP
Xenoula: Xenoula

November 30th
Ponytails: Ponytails

December 1st
Ahnnu: Special Forces
Azar Swan: Savage Exile
Dan Melchior: Road Not Driving
Elstow: Planets Away
Line & Circle: Vicious Folly EP
MYNTH: Parallels
STRFKR: Vault Vol. 3
Sparrow Steeple: A Aardvark
Sunset Neon: Starlight
Various Artists: The Lobster OST
Virginia Wing / Xam Duo: Tomorrow’s Gift

December 8th
Alex Bloom: Blue Room
Belle and Sebastian: How To Solve Our Human Problems Part 1
Blush: Blush
Collective Soul: Collective Soul – Live
The Delta Troubadours: Get Up And Go
Fascinations Grand Chorus: Anglesea
Interstelar: Resin
Philip James Turner & The Crow Mandala: Bright Lights
Staircase Spirits: Love Stories

December 15th
Secret Shine: There Is Only Now

December 22nd
3615 Nuits Blanches: About Last Night (Long Versions)
Seyr: One of Very Few

January 1st
Brickwork Lizards: Haneen

January 5th
Lizzy Farrall: All I Said Was Never Heard
Profligate: Somewhere Else

January 12th
Jaguwar: Ringthing
Janice: Fallin Up
Juan de Fuca: Solve/Resolve
New York Electric Piano: State of the Art
The Prids: Do I Look Like I’m In Love?

January 16th
Jim Andralis & The Syntonics: Shut Up Shut Up

January 19th
Belle and Sebastian: How To Solve Our Human Problems Part 2
Equinox: It’s Hard To Be Happy When Your Head Is Full Of Sin
Half Japanese: Why Not?
Meat Beat Manifesto: Impossible Star
Panteon: Travel Log 1 EP
Soho Rezanejad: Six Archetypes

January 26th
Bert Jansch: A Man I’d Rather Be (Part 1)
Mark Erelli: Mixtape
Smokey Brights: Come to Terms

February 2nd
AWOLNATION: Here Come The Runts
Ezra Feinberg: Pentimento and Others
Paper Canoe Company: Beanstalk Jack

February 9th
Franz Ferdinand: Always Ascending
Hockey Dad: Blend Inn
The Wombats: Beautiful People Will Ruin Your Life

February 16th
Belle and Sebastian: How To Solve Our Human Problems Part 3

February 19th
Broads: Field Theory

February 23rd
Bert Jansch: A Man I’d Rather Be (Part 2)
Fever Ray: Plunge (Physical Release)

March 9th
Quiet Friend: Quiet Friend

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