Release Dates

All dates below represent the United States record release dates. This post is updated regularly to reflect new and changing release dates.

July 29th
Buttering Trio: Foursome
Death Bells: Between Here & Everywhere
Florist: Florist
Ithaca: They Fear Us
Jeremy Cunningham / Dustin Laurenzi / Paul Bryan: A Better Ghost
Murder By Death: Spell/Bound
Sarah Bethe Nelson: Mental Picture
Sator: Return of The Barbie-Q-Killer
Wombo: Fairy Rust

August 3rd
Child Seat: Bad Holiday

August 5th
airport people: from nine mornings
Brijean: Angelo
Dust Star: Open Up That Heart
Early Moods: Early Moods
Kal Marks: My Name Is Hell
Kyle Kidd: Soothsayer
Marci: Marci
Masao Nakajima Quartet: Kemo-Sabe
Tomato Flower: Construction

August 9th
Briana Marela: You Are a Wave

August 12th
A-Z: A-Z
Aronius: Irkalla
Claude: A Lot’s Gotta Change
Erasure: Day-Glo (Based on a True Story)
Faye: You’re Better
Golden Dawn Arkestra: The Gold Album
Hell Fire: Reckoning
Jimetta Rose & The Voices of Creation: How Good It Is
LMD (LMNO, MED and Dudley Perkins): Flying High
MOTHS: Space Force
Noriko Miyamoto with Isao Suzuki: Push
Reckling: Human Nature
Zander Raymond: To Have Several Lives

August 19th
Aubrey Haddard: Awake And Talking
Cinema Hearts: Your Ideal
Duet Emmo: Or So It Seems (Remastered)
Eli Winter: Eli Winter
Franklin Gothic: Into the Light
Gordi: Inhuman EP
LIFE: North East Coastal Town
Mountain Goats: Bleed Out
The Occult: The Occult
Oneida: Success
Pencey Sloe: Neglect
Psychlona: Palo Verde
Russian Circles: Gnosis
Sleepyhead: New Alchemy
SRSQ: Ever Crashing
Tall Dwarfs: Unravelled: 1981-2002
Why Bonnie: 90 in November
Zack Rosen: Circles EP

August 26th
Brad Walsh: Antiglot II
Brown Calvin: d i m e n s i o n // p e r s p e c t i v e
CB3: Exploration
Los Cotopla Boyz: Mamarrón, Vol. 1
Lou Reed: Words & Music, May 1965
Manifest: The Sinking
Rachika Nayar: Heaven Come Crashing
Red Rot: Mal de Vivre
Scarves: Delicate Creatures
Sélébéyone: Xaybu: The Unseen
Strategies: Strategies

September 2nd
Boon: Bad Machine
Jack McDuff: Live at Parnells
Max Gowan: Glossolalia

September 9th
Air Waves: The Dance
Built to Spill: When The Wind Forgets Your Name
OHMA: Between All Things
Preoccupations: Arrangements

September 16th
Aaron Turner & Jon Mueller: Now That You’ve Found It
Brian Auger, Julie Driscoll & The Trinity: Far Horizons
Gogol Bordello: SOLIDARITINE
Liar Thief Bandit: Diamonds
Marina Allen: Centrifics
Quinn Christopherson: Write Your Name in Pink
Seb Martel: Saturn 63
Well Wisher: That Weight
Whitney: Spark

September 23rd
Alex G: God Save The Animals
Bloods: Together Baby!
The Cradle: Radio Wars
Izzy Oram Brown: Mess

September 29th
Mamalarky: Pocket Fantasy

September 30th
Dropkick Murphys: This Machine Still Kills Fascists
Fujiya & Miyagi: Slight Variations
MILLY: Eternal Ring
Office Culture: Big Time Things

October 7th
Courtney Marie Andrews: Loose Future
Dayglow: People In Motion
Dungen: En Är För Mycket och Tusen Aldrig Nog
Indigo Sparke: Hysteria
Preoccupations: Arrangements

October 14th
Charlotte Dos Santos: Morfo
Stephen Becker: A Calm That Shifts

October 21st
Alice Boman: The Space Between
Archers of Loaf: Reason in Decline
Tegan and Sara: Crybaby

October 28th
Scout Gillett: no roof no floor