Release Dates

All dates below represent the United States record release dates. This post is updated regularly to reflect new and changing release dates.

September 16th
Aaron Turner & Jon Mueller: Now That You’ve Found It
The Beths: Expert In A Dying Field
The Black Angels: Wilderness of Mirrors
Brian Auger, Julie Driscoll & The Trinity: Far Horizons
Brook Pridemore: Glad to be Alive
Dear Boy: Forever Sometimes
Disco Doom: Mt. Surreal
Gloria de Oliveira and Dean Hurley: Oceans of Time
Gogol Bordello: SOLIDARITINE
Jesca Hoop: Order Of Romance
Liar Thief Bandit: Diamonds
Marina Allen: Centrifics
Monster Magnet: 4-Way Diablo (Vinyl Reissue)
Monster Magnet: Monolithic Baby! (Vinyl Reissue)
The Murlocs: Rapscallion
Pink Frost: Until The Summer Comes
Polly Scattergood: Polly Scattergood (Vinyl Reissue)
Quinn Christopherson: Write Your Name in Pink
Seb Martel: Saturn 63
Spiritus Mortus: The Great Seal
Vånda: Covenant of Death
Vundabar: Good Old
Well Wisher: That Weight
Whitney: Spark

September 21st
Alexis Castrogiovanni: Someday My Thoughts Will Be Like a Range of Mountains

September 23rd
Alex G: God Save The Animals
Alina Bzhezhinska & HipHarpCollective: Reflections
Blodskam: Ave Eva
Bloods: Together Baby!
Buick Audra: Conversations With My Other Voice
Celebration Summer: Patience In Presence
The Cradle: Radio Wars
Crazy Swedes: Crazy Swedes (Deluxe Edition)
Forty Feet Tall: BOIL (EP)
Iceage: Shake the Feeling: Outtakes & Rarities 2015–2021
Izzy Oram Brown: Mess
Jason Bajada: Crushed Grapes
John Luther Adams: Sila: the Breath of the World
Kid Kapichi: Here’s What You Could Have Won
Magdalena Bay: Mercurial World Deluxe
Nordjevel: Gnavhòl
NEU!: NEU! 50!
One South Lark: ‘Til September
Razor: Cycle Of Contempt
Sumerlands: Dreamkiller
Zouj: Metal EP

September 29th
Mamalarky: Pocket Fantasy

September 30th
2nd Grade: Easy Listening
Darkest Era: Wither on the Vine
Dead Kennedys: Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables (40th anniversary edition)
Dream, Ivory: About A Boy
Dropkick Murphys: This Machine Still Kills Fascists
Fujiya & Miyagi: Slight Variations
Hunting Giants: Mythos
Kolb: Tyrannical Vibes
MILLY: Eternal Ring
Office Culture: Big Time Things
SilentLie: Equilibrium
The Vacant Lots: Closure
Various Artists: Blue Note Re:imagined II

October 7th
Bush: The Art Of Survival
Courtney Marie Andrews: Loose Future
Dayglow: People In Motion
Disq: Desperately Imagining Someplace Quiet
Dungen: En Är För Mycket och Tusen Aldrig Nog
Indigo Sparke: Hysteria
Preoccupations: Arrangements

October 14th
A.O. Gerber: Meet Me At The Gloaming
Alexia Avina: Crush
Charlotte Dos Santos: Morfo
Deniz Cuylan: Rings of Juniper
Eliza Edens: We’ll Become the Flowers
GIFT: Momentary Presence
The Jack Moves: Cruiserweight
Mabe Fratti: Se Ve Desde Aquí
Matthew J. Rolin: Passing
Robin Holcomb: One Way or Another
Rustbelt: Rustbelt EP
Stephen Becker: A Calm That Shifts
Sweet Teeth: High Anxiety

October 21st
Alice Boman: The Space Between
Archers of Loaf: Reason in Decline
Black Royal: Earthbound
Blue Glass: Les Jardins Éternels
Carly Rae Jepsen: The Loneliest Time
Earth Room: Earth Room
Jordaan Mason & Their Orchestra: Rewrite The Words Again
partygirl: partygirl
Pauline Oliveros & James Ilgenfritz: Altamirage
Per Husby Septett: The Peacemaker
Takuya Kuroda: Midnight Crisp
Tegan and Sara: Crybaby
Vitreous Humor: Vitreous Humor EP (Reissue)

October 28th
Bring the Hoax: Bring the Hoax
Dear Nora: human futures
Devil’s Witches: In All Her Forms
Jordan Reyes: Everything Is Always
Masaru Imada Trio + 1: Planets
Palm Ghosts: Post Preservation
Rival Schools: United By Fate (Deluxe Edition 20th Anniversary Reissue)
Sea Moss: SEAMOSS2
Scout Gillett: no roof no floor

November 4th
Marvin Tate’s D-Settlement: Marvin Tate’s D-Settlement
Okay Kaya: SAP
Pohgoh: du und ich
Surya Botofasina: Everyone’s Children

November 11th
FreqGen: Future 1990s
sonora pine: II

November 18th
Anna Mieke: Theatre

December 31st
Julien Chang: The Sale

January 6th
Doom Flower: Limestone Ritual