Release Dates

All dates below represent the United States record release dates. This post is updated regularly to reflect new and changing release dates.

January 20th
Beauty Pill: Blue Period
Bobbie Lovesong: On The Wind
Christina Galisatus: Without Night
Dave Rowntree: Radio Songs
Fran: Leaving
Jadu Heart: Derealised
Joan Torres’s All is Fused: Embrace Form
Ladytron: Time’s Arrow
Megadose: Heating Up
The Murder Capital: Gigi’s Recovery
We Are Scientists: LOBES

January 24th
Dust Bowl Faeries: Carnival Dust

January 26th
Kaixo: Full Devoid

January 27th
Christina Galisatus: Without Night
The Clouds: The Clouds
Gone To Color: The RMXS
Heavy Blanket: Moon Is
JW Francis: Dream House
Toronto Is Broken: CLARE:redux
triton.: Sundown in Oaktown
The Tubs: Dead Meat

February 3rd
Best Fern: Earth Then Air
Forest: Forest
The Go! Team: Get Up Sequences Part Two
Hamish Hawk: Angel Numbers
The Men: New York City
Somebody’s Child: Somebody’s Child
Will Epstein: Wendy

February 10th
Amber Arcades: Barefoot On Diamond Road
brad allen williams: Ĺ“conomy
Cor de Lux: Media
Laure Briard: Ne pas trop rester bleue
Tennis: Pollen

February 17th
Free Range: Practice
Kerala Dust: Violet Drive
Lowly: Keep Up The Good Work
MD McNally: Crimes

February 21st
Good Bison: Ghost On Mulholland

February 24th
The Church: The Hypnogogue
Jenny O.: Spectra
Jovan Karcic: Ohiofornia
Mull Historical Society: Archaeology: Complete Recordings 2000-2004
The Necks: Travel

March 3rd
babybaby_explores: Food Near Me, Weather Tomorrow

March 10th
Dirge: Dirge
Godcaster: Godcaster

March 24th
Darren Jessee: Central Bridge
Grande Royale: Welcome to Grime Town

April 14th
Lucifer Star Machine: Satanic Age