BläpDëli “Lookout”

BläpDëli is a name most are probably unfamiliar with unless you’ve done some digging on Soundcloud. He’s had a collaboration with Thriftworks and is not slowing down any time soon. This latest original work of his contains a huge range of emotion from an initial build up into a heavy bass driven drop. What I love about this track is that’s the only in your face section of the piece. It then breaks down into a mellow section with some great vocal work into another build. I wouldn’t call it anticlimactic, just a more mellow vibe at the end. He best describes the feeling of being at a show in the first part of the song, while the breakdown and second drops are more like how you feel “coming down” from just being at a show for the past four hours. BläpDëli is constantly making new and innovative music, don’t snooze when his next one drops!

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