Drug Church “Weed Pin”

Drug Church took an interesting approach with their new track “Weed Pin”. They are known for touching base on social and political matters in their lyrics, but they also slide a satirical element in as well. Something as mundane as the differences between generations that we experience today, such as careers and the paths that are taken to get there; these grunge punks had something to say about it. What you may find pleasing, as I did while listening, is that the title isn’t in the chorus or really even mentioned until the last few lines of the lyric. Really the title is just an element of humorous negative coloration on the young character who doesn’t know what they’re doing with their life instead of being a massive pothead. Moral of the story is… you don’t have to be good at something right away; take your time finding something you love doing. If that takes fucking up a thousand times, so be it!

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