Apocraphe featuring L’Affaire “A Paris L’Affaire 2014”

UK-based rapper, Apocraphe is preparing to release his new album, The Escapist Handbook later this year. In celebration, he just released “A Paris L’Affaire 2014,” a track recorded in 2014 at Main Rock Studios featuring all ten members of the legendary Parisian crew L’AffaireLomepal, Mothas La Masquerade, Bhati, Tonio MC, Nostal, Black Sam, K.E.T.U.R., Saïd Baxter, Yoch, and SPL. Over an old school piano-filled hip hop beat, the majority of the posse cut is in French save for Apocraphe’s opening verse. Even if you don’t speak the language, hearing so many skilled rappers attack the same beat is fun and interesting.

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