Beshken featuring Halima “Dream Tracking”

Incoming with a unique take on grime is Beshken with Halima on the vocals. The arpeggios with the drum beat in the beginning verse have a very strong Hip Hop influence which sets the tempo as Halima’s voice comes in. After a head bobbin’ intro and verse comes a quick synth paired with a Drum and Bass influenced percussion section which really gives it that Grime essence as the rest of the track rides out. While the Grime influence is certainly there, I like how this track feels a little bit more relaxed compared to the other tracks I’ve heard in the genre. I’ve also never heard it done with a female vocalist and it’s something very intriguing as I’m sure I’ll dig for more music like it. Maybe that point plus Beshken being from the states gives the track quite a unique twist.

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