Premiere: The Bright Light Social Hour “Lie To Me (Große Lüge)” [Official Video]

Austin’s The Bright Light Social Hour are releasing their album, Jude Vol. I today. Surviving the Golden Age is excited to premiere the video for the single “Lie To Me (Große Lüge).” The song mixes influences of krautrock and reverbed guitar indie rock similar to Interpol. The song is melancholic, a clear meditation based around a nostalgia for a time when we were too naive to comprehend the lies that politicians tell us every day.

Directed by Vanessa Pla and featuring Lorelei Linklater of Boyhood fame, the video shows the duality of people’s public vs private lives. It follows a beautiful teen taking selfies who in private is unhappy and taking weight loss pills, a homemaker who by night is a dominatrix, and others. It is a satirical look at the American dream and the lies people live every day.

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