Compson Sound “Latching On Tonight (Sam Smith // Hayley Williams // Deadmau5)”

It has been months since we have heard from Compson Sound. Living his life in the real world, Ben Li (the man behind the moniker) has admitted to not having a lot of time for music. Fortunately, he found enough time to drop a new track called “Latching On Tonight.” Li explains “if you listen closely throughout the song, you’ll here a funny story. Basically we have two people who just met. However, the two people have completely differing thoughts about how the night is going. The girl thinks tonight is just a one-time, nothing too serious type of fling. The guy on the other hand is just enamored by the girl he met and thinking ‘Oh WOW!! This is the one,’ but is honestly moving too quickly/getting too clingy already.” See if you can follow the story line.

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