The Dirty Tees: How To Explain A Memory – The Prelude EP


Canadian duo, The Dirty Tees have release their latest EP: How To Explain A Memory – The Prelude EP. This progressive house duo are following their vision of mixing indie rock with dance which is very prominent in this latest four track release. The tracks have a high polish sound and use some very tried-and-true beats and synths, but what really sets them apart is the chorus sections where they make their sound distinct.

In their first track, “Never Die” the progression feels like a contemporary dance hit until the anti-climax intro leads to a chorus that picks up with a guitar riff before returning to an electronic dance style. Other tracks like “End Of The World” and “Between The Waves” use more subtle elements to distinguish their sound, mainly percussion and slowed progression during the chorus.

The final track “We Are Heros” really takes this EP to a new level. The intro is much slower and unexpected, almost following an acoustic ballad style, until an epic climax brings out a new side The Dirty Tees that you may not have heard coming.

You can really hear a clear vision of what they are trying to achieve in each track, however, the electronic side of their tracks sound disconcertingly generic. While the effects on the background vocals and riffs compliment the lyrical chorus of the tracks, the main portion of the track is repetitive in a way that reveals that their could be more intricacy to The Dirty Tees visions to mix two exciting and fast moving genres.

Rating: 6.5/10
MP3: The Dirty Tees “We Are Heros”
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