Elephante featuring Nevve “Catching On (PLS&TY Remix)”

I’ve definitely never thought about a guitarist shredding his axe to bits over a pulsating EDM track, but thanks to the eye opening heavy metal-esque chorus of PLS&TY’s slamming remix of Elephante and Nevve’s 2016 hit, I’m quite into the idea. Where’s the Slash x The Chainsmokers collab!? Maybe a little Santana x Steve Aoki (sorry Rob Thomas)? The original “Catching On” is clearly a special song, but PLS&TY has definitely crafted a worthy companion. It brings to the table a whole new energy, dark haunting synths, and a head-banging drop, resulting in a very memorable remix that’s got my brain moving a mile a minute thinking about the limitless potential of hard rock x EDM.

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