Georgia: Seeking Thrills

Over the years, it seems that dance music has disappeared into a generic black hole. However, with Georgia‘s new album Seeking Thrills, there is hope. Originally from London, Georgia reclaims dance and steers it in a much needed new direction. With a mix of hard synth-scapes and electronic beats, Georgia blasts us into a new decade with ease.

Previously a QPR and Arsenal youth team football player, Georgia has had her share of life experience. Her Dad is Neil Barnes of Leftfield fame. And while their dense electronic music brought us through the ’90s, it is also clear how much of an influence their music has had on Georgia. That’s not to say that she has relied on this influence as her sole source of inspiration. Her incredible late-night dance euphoria peppered with indie beats create the perfect music soundtrack for the ’20s.

With a wavering intro, “Never Let You Go” is a dystopian anthem that is launched into existence by driving synth beats. The juxtaposition between Georgia’s voice and the downtrodden beats is a beautiful combination. As it moves into the chorus, there is a rush of electro beats that seem spacey. If there is one thing that this track achieves is how it showcases her ability to create riffs for both instrument and voice.

Trying to recapture the golden age of dance music can be difficult, especially when you are trying to make something new. But “Started Out” is something more than a hark back to dance music of old. With early 90’s beats, the track combines pulsing bass lines, clear vocals, and old-school electro influences. It is poppy, boppy, and a welcome addition to modern dance catalog that has forgotten that it isn’t just about sales, it’s also about the dancing.

While it is easy to focus on the dance-based tracks, some other tracks are worth a mention. When the dancing is over, “Ultimate Sailor” will bring you right down to earth. With its dreamy intro, it’s a wonderous track that takes you on a journey. It feels like you are drifting through space guided by Georgia’s voice to an unknown place. “I Can’t Wait” on the other hand, gives us a taste of London grime. Heavy bass beats puncture the track while her sweet-sounding voice harks over the top. With so much going on, it’s a potential anthem that demands your time and consideration.

As a session drummer for Sampha, Kate Tempest, and The xx, it is no wonder that the main attraction on Seeking Thrills is Georgia’s whopper drum lines. This fast-paced album is rich and dense, but she still manages to make it light and fun, making it the perfect album to start the new decade.

Rating: 8.7/10

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