Gin Wigmore at Warped Tour, Hartford

In the middle of a sweaty Warped Tour packed full of screamo bands and what passes for metal nowadays was Gin Wigmore. The New Zealand singer may have a little punk attitude but she was clearly a fish out of water. Adorned in a tank top, fishnets, and riding boots, Gin looked punk enough. Her band, however, donning bolo ties and vests, were tragically overdressed not only for the event but for the 90+ degree heat.

Gin unsurprisingly drew a small crowd, as her audience is not one and the same with Warped Tour’s. The crowd that did draw was full of emphatic Wigmore fans. All the teens knew every word to her songs, and not just the singles like “Black Sheep” and “Man Like That,” but the deep cuts too. Those fans were treated to a performance filled with backing vocals from all the members of her band, a guitar duel between her two guitarists, and some great crowd banter. For instance, a girl in the crowd yelled, “I love you” to which Gin replied, “Thank you.” The girl then yelled, “No, thank you” and Gin replied, “It’s easy to get to Connecticut from New Zealand. No fucking worries!”

While Warped Tour sets are notoriously short, Gin seemed to squeeze in a lot of spectacle. Due to her draw and scheduling, it does not seem likely that many concert goers were converted into fans, but I implore you that if you are going Warped Tour, give Wigmore a chance.
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