It Was Romance: It Was Romance

About five years ago Lane Moore began producing music out of her home in Brooklyn. A little luck, the help of a growing population of fans, and suddenly Moore is faced with the need to ramp things up a bit. As a result, the band It Was Romance is formed and their big debut, self-titled album, a cultivation of several years of playing and writing, is here.

Having started as a solo project, it’s not hard to understand how Lane Moore gained momentum. Lane Moore’s voice strikes with incredible amounts of soul that make every song turn into an emotional outburst. Lyrically, it’s tempting to say the words come off as plain, they just seem so obvious. It’s also very daring however. Moore doesn’t need to dress her words up to get the point across. Solid delivery and sincere lyrics leave their mark in this album.

The band as a whole also delivers. Each song is really well written, implementing a surprisingly deep level of attention to details. The guitars and drums know just how to handle themselves. If the track calls for more intensity, they really pull through –when things need to get solemn, they work right into it. Every member of It Was Romance has put the elbow grease in and it shows –they’re like musical craftsmen.

While It Was Romance’s debut album is an excellent showcase of talent, it doesn’t do much to really stand out in that sort of “This album is a must listen” sort of way. The band is amazing at capturing heartbreak and loving passion, but they have some heavy competition –nearly every artist ever. What does the group bring to the table that’s really new and interesting? The album is almost lackluster, definitely not a blockbuster. If only It Was Romance really lashed out for a track. They have the talent, Lane Moore clearly has the emotion to do the job –why not take a chance and really go all out?

Maybe it’s a bit to ask so much from a band’s debut album. Without a doubt the group did a great job and only good things can come of their formation. If you want to be ahead of the loop, maybe just embrace a recent heartache, then you absolutely need to listen to It Was Romance’s debut album. The brutally honest lyrics and powerful voice of Lane Moore will be more than enough to win you over. Add in some of the most fleshed out instrumental pieces and the deal will be sealed. It’s not perfect, but it isn’t far from.

Rating: 7.5/10

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