Karen O / Danger Mouse: Lux Prima

By Ana Catic

Producer Danger Mouse, known for collaborations with artists like The Black Keys and Gorillaz, teams up with Karen O, lead singer of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs to release Lux Prima. Together they create a tiny musical universe within a record by fusing of numerous genres like trip hop and psychedelic rock.

Made up of nine tracks, each is a world unto itself, going from slow, steady and trippy, to uplifting, fierce and empowering. The titular track is a brief summary of the whole record, an overture to the diversity the album offers. The combination of beats in it cause all sorts of emotions, bringing you up and down like on a rollercoaster.

Emotional journey would be the right way to describe Lux Prima as a whole; it is a multicolored, combination of numerous emotions. It ranges from tranquility and peace to melancholy and nostalgia.
It can both make you dance in front of your mirror, or hug your pillow and cry.

There is a rock feel in some of the tracks like “Woman,” “Reverie” and “Leopards Tongue.” Those are songs that wake you up when others put you to the dreamlike state. Strong presence of the drums and and clarity of Karen’s voice, characterize these tunes and make them catchy.

On the other side, we have “Redeemer” and “Drown,” which are chill and hazy.

Some songs straddle the line between rock and dreamlike vibes like “Turn the Light.” The track features strong electro and disco vibes. The outro, “Nox Lumina” is the last stage of the journey we were on while listening to this album, slowly getting us back to reality and it is relaxing and cosmic. With its hints of Asian influences, the track feels like the perfect end meditation.

If your music taste goes from older music like Nancy Sinatra (of which Karen O’s vocals remind me at times) to newer music with unavoidable electronic influences to it, like Tame Impala, Lux Prima is for you. It gives you the vibes of driving late at night, leaving you with a lingering feeling after listening to it.

Rating: 9.5/10

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