Matt Pond PA: The State of Gold

Matt Pond is one hell of a guy; towards the end of the 90’s he formed a band, Matt Pond PA, and many years and albums later, he’s still working with musicians to put out awesome new music. For those not in the know, Matt Pond PA is an indie rock / pop band that started in Pennsylvania and is now based in New York. The group is well known for their very emotional and relatable lyrics. It should be expected that fans are more than likely going nuts for the latest release from Matt Pond –The State of Gold. The album is the culmination of everything great about Matt Pond PA, refined through years of playing, into a brand new and very enjoyable album.

The State of Gold is a rather poppy way to get across some very emotional messages. The album’s guitar lines always sound a bit chipper and the general melodies are fun and uplifting. First impression says very positive indie rock. On the other hand, Matt Pond packs the album’s songs with a variety of sentiments. Each line of lyric has a solid flow that delivers just right. For instance, “There Were Times,” is a confession to all the less than great experiences in life. Meanwhile, another song, “The State of Gold Pt1” focuses on the hiccups of some social conventions and more importantly how to stay afloat in this world. The opening line, “I might have a drink to be myself,” is sung with a tired and gentle voice. A mixture of solid band and a solid vocalist with honest lyrics make for a fantastic album.

In short, Matt Pond’s style remains more than relevant. The lyrics are very human and the melodies are just as swell. If you aren’t won over by the poppy instrumental melodies, then surely enough, Matt’s soft voice will pull you in.

As an almost unrelated note, the band does sound as if they’re still stuck in the 90’s (and some fans or fellow music nuts may disagree). Given Matt Pond’s start in ’98, this is pretty interesting. It just goes to show that with the right elbow grease, anybody’s creativity can have some longevity. Of course there is a flipside to this perk.

Admittedly The State of Gold isn’t too incredibly interesting. Matt Pond PA does nothing extremely unique by any means. After several times listening to it, the band began to sound rather trite. If not for the rather honest and just plain simple lyrics, The State of Gold may have no replay value. On the other hand, the album remains consistently good. Each song sounds solid, there’s little to actually be upset about. It would be difficult to say that Matt Pond’s latest album is anything less than great, because taste aside, it really is.

The State of Gold isn’t going to be for everyone, but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s a great listen. Fans of Matt Pond are going to have more than enough to rejoice over. At the same time, if this is your first time hear of the band, give them a chance. The State of Gold is some hefty feelings packaged in a nice and friendly, super accessible indie rock album. The band’s dark yet poppy, painfully honest sound will surely win you over.

Rating: 8.0/10

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