New: DJ Paul featuring 2 Chainz “Cocky”

dj paul, 2 chainz, three 6 mafiaDJ Paul of Three 6 Mafia fame recently released his mixtape, For I Have Sinned. Look at the front cover of the mixtape. I want to know how this photo shoot went. Like DJ Paul probably was looking all Crocodile Dundee with that huge knife and pistol and the photographer was like “no DJ Paul, you’re not supposed to be happy you are carrying weapons.” DJ Paul is like “okay, okay, how about this?” Then he strikes this pose, the saddest possible pose for someone carrying a gun and mini-machete. Luckily, the mixtape’s new single “Cocky” is not nearly as ridiculous as the front cover.
MP3: DJ Paul featuring 2 Chainz “Cocky”

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