New: Lou Barlow + the missingmen “Losercore”

Lou Barlow is a busy man. Touring with Dinosaur Jr. would be a full time gig for most, but Barlow still finds time to write, record, and tour in several other projects including Sebadoh, Sentrodoh, and his own solo work. His latest album is being released under the name, Lou Barlow + the missingmen and the record is titled =Sentridoh. So is it a Lou Barlow album? Is it a Sentridoh album? Is Lou Barlow + the missingmen yet another new Lou Barlow project? The questions are endless. What is not even a question is how good the album’s first single is. “Losercore” is pretty rocking, a driving drum beat verse gives way to a long, drawn out guitar solo/jam session type thing. Check it out!
MP3: Lou Barlow + the missingmen “Losercore”

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