Of Montreal “Paranoiac Intervals/Body Dysmorphia”

Of Montreal announced a new album, White is Relic/Irrealis Mood Which will be released on March 9th. At the same time, they debut a new song “Paranoiac Intervals/Body Dysmorphia.” The track is essentially an extended club cut, perfect for an 80s dance party. There is something enjoyable maniacal about the song. It essentially takes the idea of Weezer’s “No One Else” to the extreme with Kevin Barnes singing a chorus of “you should be fucking with no one else.” As if that wasn’t enough, the post-chorus synth line reminds me of The Gremlins theme song mixed with circus music. The mix of the maniacal with the driving dance beat make “Paranoiac Intervals/Body Dysmorphia” seven minutes of club heaven.

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