P.I. Bang: Big Bang Theory

p-i-bang-big-bang-theoryHip hop is not a game where uniqueness is valued with notably exceptions like Outkast or Kanye West. Sounding like another rapper is not only tolerated but often celebrated. Out of this mold comes Orlando rapper, P.I. Bang with his new mixtape Big Bang Theory.

Listening to the first few tracks on the mixtape, it is easy to point to exactly what rappers they are trying to ape. Opening track, “Rental Car” features a Lex Luger-styler beat with P.I. Bang giving the track his best Waka Flocka Flame flow. Like Pusha T and others before him, “Rantal Car” is all about how many bricks P.I. Bang has in his rental car.

The style changes a bit for “Durant” where P.I. Bang enlists Stakk House and Thang to spice up the track. By spice up, Bang couldn’t afford Future so he did the next best thing by enlisting rappers for what sounds like a “Tony Montana” remix. Again, the track really offers nothing unique but it does sound like a commercial radio hit.

That seems to be Big Bang Theory‘s M.O. All the tracks sound eerily like something you have heard before in the club or on the radio. If you are just looking for something to get turnt up to, Big Bang Theory has something to offer you but if you are looking for something deeper, there’s not much here.

Rating: 5.5/10
MP3: P.I. Bang “Durant”
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