Pete Astor: Spilt Milk

Peter Astor has a way with music. The English songwriter has spent times working within a number of bands, such as The Loft and The Weather Prophets. On top of that, he teaches music related courses. If his resume couldn’t get any better, it just so happens that Pete Astor has a brand new album Spilt Milk. Astor’s latest release is an indie homage (being appropriately released out of Slumberland Records) to getting through the hard times. The album sells itself well and from start to finish keeps you listening.

Pete Astor blends heartfelt singing, lyrics that pay tribute to all the little hiccups and life, and poppy guitar lines. Spilt Milk is a wonderfully folky indie album with spirit. Pete Astor will wrap you in from the beginning with the opening track, “Really Something.” The song carries the traditional indie pop vibe, with a steady, catchy rhythm and lyrics that leave an impression. Better yet, the guitar melodies are on point and that seems to become quite the common theme of the album. Spilt Milk, while not inherently a ‘guitar album’ really is laden with some great guitar riffs that add a little special something to the mix.

Spilt Milk is a great album built on a foundation of musical experience and well utilized inspiration from past generations. The album really comes across like an old wise sage of indie music. The emotion is there, but not too prevalent as to have you weeping. The careful composing leaves a really alluring result.

Spilt Milk shines most in tracks like, “My Right Hand,” or “Good Enough.” The former, “My Right Hand,” shows that Astor has one hell of a sense of humor. Frankly, the first listen of the song earned itself a raised eyebrow, a sense of, “Is that what this is actually about?” As it turns out –it is. Pete Astor gets a little weird and addresses the most famous best friend in his song, “My Right Hand.” The track is largely like a folky jam, with decent pacing and shameless choruses. And while there’s something in there, a sort of sincerity, it still just is a laugh and coming from an indie artist –it’s a nice twist. In direct contract, “Good Enough,” is mellow, a bit intense –a confessional and a call out. With a line of lyric like, “Good enough wasn’t good enough for you,” and all the buildup to it, the sentimental weight piling upon itself in a snowballing effect, makes for a beautifully sad addition.

Overall, Pete Astor’s Spilt Milk is redundant in name and practice. The album Spilt Milk is much like the old saying, “there’s no sense crying over spilt milk.” It is what it is –life happens and you get through it. Pete Astor captures that atmosphere perfectly and delivers it in a fantastic way. Spilt Milk is a soundtrack for dealing with the ups and downs. If you’re an indie fanatic, just need a little catharsis, or are looking to broaden your horizons in a relatively safe manner, Spilt Milk is a solid listen.

Rating: 7.5/10

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