Popeska “Don’t Walk Away”

As if this month wasn’t getting better, we’ve been blessed with two Popeska tracks after I’ve been dying to hear from him in well over a year. I remember when he was giving out one track a day and it was like Christmas, and now I’m savoring the fact that. “Don’t Walk Away” is a hell of a love story for a track. I hear so many songs that have a random phrase followed by a drop which is cool, but there needs to be something more in my eyes. This track gives you all the emotion of a love story and the feelings of having someone leave you. I love the use of a lot of old school sounds, and how Popeska uses what I call the “less is more” technique in the drop. His sound design is simple and powerful. This new Popeska is REALLY growing onto me from where he was a few years ago.

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