Scott & Charlene’s Wedding: Delivered EP

Melbourne band Scott & Charlene’s Wedding drop three new original songs and one Elton John cover on their latest EP, Delivered. With a voice like a punk rock Australian Lou Reed, SACW’s frontman, Craig Dermody, tears into the record’s title track with jangly alternating chords and lyrics about a “fella who delivers.” The last minute of the three-and-a-half-minute opener features a wonderful psychedelic guitar freakout that makes complete sense given the song’s subject matter. The quartet pull back from the rowdiness slightly for the album’s second track “Airport”, a sunny indie pop gem about falling in love amidst the sometimes less than perfect conditions associated with travel.

The second half of Delivered starts things off with the triumphant “Gutters and the Streets”, a song about gratitude and following your dreams. “I’ve been down for so long, now I’m getting what’s mine, and I do it my way” Dermody shouts victoriously during the track’s chorus just before launching into an appropriately upbeat guitar solo. The EP’s finale is reached with SACW’s take on “Bennie and the Jets”. While the vocals are a bit reverb-heavy, and the guitars are more than a little shambolic, there’s no denying the band’s commitment to the cover. Dermody strains to hit every note, a feat that has comedic results by the time he reaches the repeated falsetto phrase in the song’s last minute.

For those unfamiliar with Scott & Charlene’s Wedding, Delivered is a fine place to start. With a running time of just over sixteen minutes, the EP doesn’t wear out its welcome and offers a healthy sampling of the group’s jangle pop style and sense of humor. If you’re looking for a band that wants to win but doesn’t take themselves too seriously give Scott & Charlene’s Wedding a shot.

Rating: 7.7/10

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