Synkro: Lost Here EP

synkro-lost-here-epSynkro, a DJ operating out of Manchester, has been producing dubstep and bass music singles since 2007. Listening to his backlog, you can clearly hear Synkro’s roots in mellow synths and ambient sounds mixed with rapid beats. His tracks may be labeled dubstep but it’s often miniscule quiver and wobble effects here and there. He consistently shows a light handed approach to his work creating a style than can be described simply as mellow. Unlike more upbeat or energetic producers, the only thing aggressive about Synkro’s style would have to be his play with the tempo of his beats. This, coupled with vocal FXs makes even the more melancholy tracks feel vibrant and interesting.

Although his tracks approximates many different electronic styles, one can not place a single track into one defined category. A track may a start with a 140bpm tempo and quickly jump to a faster pace to fit in some drum and bass beats, all while still playing to the same soft melody throughout the track. Even though his formula is consistent, even from his early years, his play with the tempo and ambiance in the background is something to be admired in each different track. His fourth and latest EP, Lost Here, is no exception where Synkro is pushing his style further.

The four track EP starts with “Lost Here”. Immediately you’re eased into the track with soft synths and ambient sounds, presumably recorded right out of Synkro’s window as he likes to include “natural sounds” captured during his production process. Robert Manos’ vocals work well to immerse the listener into a somber atmosphere. When you analyze this track alone you can hear how much Synkro can do with very few elements. Next is another track featuring Robert’s vocals, “In My Arms”, which has an R&B feel with tender lyrics, something to the effect of love lost. The track carries about the same tone as the previous one but feels as if it has lost the momentum from the brilliant first track.

“Nights Of Pleasure” continues on with a slow pace. Soft melodies and granular effects lead into a prominent bass synth and slow but heavy beat. A smooth synth then paves the way into the track as delicate melodies pour in. The rest of the track remains slowly paced with no much change in the progression of the track or tempo. “Fading Lights”, however, ends the EP with ambient tones and short bursts of increased tempo to an already fast paced beat. The drum and bass sections are short lived and feel a little out of place, still they liven up the track with longer sections later on. Much like the previous track, once all the elements have been put into play the track continues with little variation. This is not unusual for Synkro but it does take away from the initial excitement of the track as it carries on.

Synkro has been creating many bold singles which are great to listen to; it is always inspiring to hear something that transcends through different genres to created something that sounds novel. Yet I can’t help but feel that Lost Here EP is not doing his style justice. After his first track, you are only getting a taste of what he is capable of. Still the bolder strides he has made, both in the past and present, has gotten many peoples attention for its brilliance.

Rating: 7.5/10
MP3: Synkro “Lost Here”
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