Tame Impala “Apocalypse Dreams (Jack Deezl Bootleg)”

Nearing the two-year anniversary of Lonerism’s release, I can confidently claim that Tame Impala’s 2012 ‘60s revivalist rock record is one of my favorite albums of this century. It’s profound, beautiful, and somehow brilliantly original despite wearing its influences on its sleeve. “Apocalypse Dreams” certainly isn’t my favorite track off the record, but it’s still a lovely song. Jack Deezl‘s bootleg of the song is essentially a fool’s errand. Infusing a Tame Impala track with such a blatant EDM sound is bound to create something muddled. While it retains much of the original track’s structure and makes “Apocalypse Dreams”’s presence in this affair abundantly clear, it still can’t manage to capture what makes the song so complex and fascinating. Even though this bootleg may stand as a passable club track, it’s hard to otherwise validate its existence.

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