The Candy Snatchers: Down at Delilah’s

The Candy Snatchers: Down at Delilah’s
In a sixteen year career, Virginia Beach-based punk band, The Candy Snatchers made a name for themselves through energetic and often violent live performances. The rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle caught up with the band in 2008, when their guitarist Matthew Odietus died of an overdose. The band’s final album, Down at Delilah’s was recorded with Odietus but was shelved after his death and the band disbanded. Two years later the album finally sees the light of day.
It’s hard to not listen to Down at Delilah’s and wonder what might have been. The Candy Snatchers were already legendary by 2008 but Down at Delilah’s shows the band heading in a new direction. The Candy Snatchers were always a fast and hard punk band similar to New Bomb Turks. Their final album shows them heading in a more melodic direction. The band does not necessarily turn into pop punk band on the album but some songs are more catchy than the Snatchers’ previous output.
The song that stands out is “All The Way To Denver”. The song is a fast-paced rockabilly inspired punk tune. The guitars are reminiscent of The Amazing Crowns while Larry May’s vocals are somewhere between Elvis and Andrew W.K.. The track truly makes you wonder if a full-out psychobilly album was on the horizon for the band.
The circumstances that forced the band to call it a day were unfortunate to say the least, but at least they go out with a bang. Down at Delilah’s is probably the best album of the band’s career and has an easy leg up to be the best punk album released this year. If you like unfaultering, break-neck speed punk, then Down at Delilah’s delivers.
Rating: 8.0/10
MP3: The Candy Snatchers “All the Way to Denver”
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