The Green Seed “Gotchoo”

green-seed-ws-710Birmingham, AL hip-hop quartet The Green Seed present the dynamic and pounding single “Gotchoo” in anticipation of their debut album Drapetomania, out tomorrow (7/15) on Communicating Vessels.

“Gotchoo” is a high-energy twist on the obligatory crew-history lesson. Through the richly textured trade-offs between lead MCs R-Tist and C.O.M.P.L.E.T., who bring to mind the balance of predecessors OutKast and A Tribe Called Quest, the listener is introduced to The Green Seed’s evolution of old school hip-hop. The beat, produced by R-Tist, oscillates between two major movements with a strong foundation that provides the perfect canvas for the DJ’ing half of The Green Seed (FX and Jeff C) to add their skills to the mix. Overall, “Gotchoo” plays like a throwback track from the future, taking the best lessons of hip-hop’s current roster and mixing it with a deep respect for its roots.

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