Premiere: White Elephant Orchestra “Here Comes the Rain Again”

Lisa Whynot photo

White Elephant Orchestra is the new musical project by Los Angeles based Canadian Andy Stochansky. The mellifluent cover of the Eurythmics classic “Here Comes the Rain Again” is the fifth single released by White Elephant Orchestra from the upcoming album, Debut.

Stochansky began his career as the drummer for Ani DiFranco and remained the beating rhythm behind seven of her albums. Much of his percussion background can be heard in his solo work, especially 1996’s While You Slept. After four solo albums, Stochansky turned to producing and song writing for other artists before reimagining his sound into the synth driven White Elephant Orchestra. While the instrumentation has taken a new direction, Stochansky’s passion is still being poured into his creative outlet.

“Here Comes the Rain Again” is a stripped down arrangement that gives you the chance to slow down and simply breathe. Stochansky’s vocal track is ripe with emotion indicative of the times. Hit play, close your eyes and enjoy three minutes of ambient bliss.

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