Premiere: Abacus Rings “Back At School”

By day, Michael Ringel is the managing director for research & development at The Boston Consulting Group. By night, he is the lead singer/songwriter of Abacus Ring. The band is preparing to release their new EP, School Bell on August 30th. Surviving the Golden Age is excited to premiere the EP’s opening track, “Back at School.”

Mixing elements of jangle pop and twee, the track is reminiscent of Belle and Sebastian or The Field Mice. With male vocals on the first verse and female on the second, the song features interplay between two characters. Ringel explains “The two characters clearly know each other, and what’s more have each other on their minds. I guess maybe a lot of us have been in that position, especially when school is starting back up. We’d like to think they get together after the song is over, but we’re not sure if they ever do.” With its wistful melancholy and light, airy instrumental, “Back At School” is a great late summer jam as September approaches.

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