Acapulco Lips: Acapulco Lips

by Alex Monzel

Acapulco Lips have just released their Self-Titled LP, but do not be fooled by the album’s release date saying it’s from 2016. Their sound is so reminiscent of 1960’s rock n’ roll, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was actually recorded in the sixties, and they’ve just been hiding this phenomenal record from us for the past fifty years.

The LP opens with “Awkward Waltz,” which is not a waltz, but it is a bit awkward. If the awkwardness becomes too much for you, please, just power through, because the second track is where this album really hits its stride. When the rhythm section starts up in “Gotta Know,” you’ll realize this band means business. “Gotta Know” is a foot-tapping hit that’ll make you try and sing along even when you have no idea what the words are. (Hint: at least two of the lyrics are “gotta,” and “know”).

Each subsequent song off this album is just as good as the last. While each track is unique and catchy in its own respect, the whole of the album maintains a singular theme that ties it into one cohesive unit. This LP employs the minor key style often present in surfer rock throughout the whole of the album, however the slight variations between tracks never let it get stale (i.e. the down tempo ballad feel of “No Longer,” or the addition of bells in “Tonight”).

Something to be aware of when enjoying this record: “Hangover Blues” is not a good song to listen to while hungover. Please, just trust me on this one.

Acapulco Lips’s Self-Titled LP is just good, fun music. Whether it makes you want to dance, tap your feet, or sing along, this record has something for everyone. When the last note of “Wake Me” faded and the first notes of “Awkward Waltz” started up, I just let the album play through again, because it truly is just that good.

Rating: 9.0/10

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