Premiere: Altre di B “Poilão”

Altre di B are preparing to release their new album, Miranda! on October 6th. Surviving the Golden Age is excited to premiere their new single, “Poilão.” Poilão is an island off the coast of Guinea-Bissau. Despite being an Italian band writing a song about a Portuguese named island belong to an African nation, the lyrics are completely in English.

Fittingly enough, the track thematically focuses on water. Lead singer, Giacomo Gelati, croons “all this water” over a tight guitar arpeggios. The vocals are slightly distorted making them similar to the Strokes but the band’s overall sound is all their own. If you enjoy the song, Altre di B will be playing Mondo.NYC (at Drom) on October 4th.

3- Poilão by ALTRE DI B

“Miranda!” is a concept album and a tribute to the homonym book written by Quirico Filopanti in 1858 containing the first theory of time zones. As a consequence the album is all about geography, cultural anthropology, maps and airports.

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