Premiere: American Sigh “Burning the Flag”

Florida’s American Sigh are preparing to release their new album, Honor System on October 15th. Surviving the Golden Age is excited to premiere their latest single, “Burning the Flag.”

“I was up late one night a few weeks before the pandemic and stumbled upon this youtube video which was a debate between a bunch of high schoolers about the confederate flag, it’s a really compelling video and everyone involved gets very passionate, at one point one of the kids who was very well spoken and smart says ‘you have the right to fly the flag but we also have the right to burn it!,’ says lead singer/songwriter, Theo Matz. “I immediately picked up the guitar and started singing ‘I’m gonna burn that flag’ and then the whole song just kind of poured out in one go.”

Produced by John Paul Pitts of Surfer Blood, the track mixes elements of americana with 90s slacker rock. More modern audiences will draw comparisons with Kurt Vile or Mac DeMarco, the more seasoned listener can recognize the sound of Car Button Cloth-era Lemonheads or even Cracker.

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