Baby Dayliner “The Triumph of Sarah’s Past”

It’s been a long decade without Baby Dayliner. Besides a brief tour in 2014, Ethan Marunas has been focused mostly on DJing in his native New York City. It was just announced that that will change next week with the release of his previous Myspace only single “You Push, I’ll Go” as a four track EP. One of the b-sides is “The Triumph of Sarah’s Past.” The track is somewhere between Critics Pass Away-era Dayliner and a video game soundtrack. Over a glitchy bounce beat, Marunas croons about Sarah chasing dragons. The best part is a call-and-response breakdown where he sings “you say ‘strange,’ I say ‘dreaming’/Strange/Dreamin/Strange/dreaming.” It’s just adds excitement to what will hopefully be a full return to music.

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