Beach Bunny: Blame Game

Beach Bunny’s newest EP Blame Game puts a poppy soundtrack to the realities of bad relationships and sexism. Blame Game finds an empowering voice that critiques and addresses the negativity that can be found in relationships. Despite only being four tracks long, the EP ranges broadly from melancholy to angst to biting satire as it delivers a satisfying listen.

Blame Game states its purpose boldly while establishing its pattern of catchy lyrics in “Good Girls (Don’t Get Used).” With its vibrant instruments and catchy choruses, the song is a preview of what is to come. Lyrically stating that there’s no place for putting up with anyone’s shenanigans, the opening track begins the task of discovering an empowering female voice. Even as the tempo slows down and becomes more serious in “Nice Guys,” the pattern of catchy choruses and biting lyrics remains.

The powerful audio punch of the choruses works well to deliver the reality of the lyrical themes. In all four tracks, Beach Bunny calls out the double standards and problems facing women in relationships and society in general. On a vague level, the track titles can seem preachy. But, on a closer listen, they become more reflective of real experience and declarative of a new position making Blame Game empowering rather than simply whiny.

The EP packs a heavy thematic punch at the end with “Blame Game.” The tone takes on a more serious edge as the lyrics become more sarcastic and satirical. Sonically, it feels like a sharp change from the airy instruments of “Love Sick.” But, Blame Game manages to hold all of its ideas together through catchy choruses and a willingness to call things as they are.

Overall, the album is a quick and easy listen at around 15 minutes. Carried by a strong pop aesthetic, the heavy nature of the thematic message never becomes overwhelming. Instead, it carries a listener efficiently through by giving easy chorus and melody handholds for anyone to pick up on through a listen.

Rating: 7.1/10

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