Best Coast: California Nights

By Matt Craig Burke

Best Coast is back in action with another California-flavored album, California Nights. The LA duo’s gliding guitars and soaring female vocals, creates the imagery of watching the sun go down at the beach with a cold brew. A sound that Bethany Cosentino and Bobb Bruno have mastered.

As the album floats along its noticeable that the band has become more polished, allowing a unique sound compared to earlier releases like, Crazy for You. “Feeling Ok” is the opening track that sets the tone of a poppy indie-punk anthem that starts to run dry later in the album. Other tracks, “When Will I Change” reminisces a surfy new-wave tune of the 80’s, while the stand-out single, “California Nights” captures the care-free mood of the local southern Californian sitting pool-side.

Best Coast’s latest release may be cleaner in contrast to past albums, giving listeners something else to chew on, but in doing so has lost a bit of their indie-rock charm. Still, California Nights is a solid release. An easy listen best served with a few margaritas.

Rating: 6.5/10

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