Bishop Nehru “You Stressin’ (Produced by Disclosure)”

bishop-nehru-you-stressin-produced-by-disclosureArmed with the Kendrick Lamar seal of approval, Bishop Nehru’s name is bound to pop up more and more on the internet as the young New York-based artist begins to release new music. And collaborating with one of the most popular acts of 2013 ‒ Disclosure ‒ can only help. On “You Stressin’” the English electro-dance duo helps Nehru create a polished, slickly produced hip-hop track that certainly shows characteristics reminiscent of 2013’s Settle. Built around an impossible-to-resist chorus, “You Stressin’” has a jazzy, danceable vibe but never really seems to take off. While it’s fine that “You Stressin’” eschews any sort of build-up and remains confident in working around Nehru’s impressive flow, the song feels a bit like it lingers too long at one level. Sure, there is much to be said for minimalism and polish, but a 3-minute hip-hop track just shouldn’t feel this long.
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