BläpDëli “Wristfulla Problems”

Most of the time when I’m listening to new music all I take into account is what’s being played before me and the back story isn’t as much of the case. But with this track I feel the back story is just as important, still not forgetting that this track is on point as well. BläpDëli, not quite sure how it’s pronounced, is based out of California but not the California that you’d normally think of. He lives on a farm with no access to internet and while he’s not working outside, he’s working inside busting out tunes like it’s nobodies business. This latest original is an energetic masterpiece. My favorite part of it all is the diversity the different vocal parts. In the verse, drop and all the breaks, the changes in effects, pitches, etc. really push forward this track. This track is proof that creating music has no bounds and no matter where you’re from you can do it too.

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