Premiere: Blond in Car “Everything You Never Had”

Los Angeles’ Blond in Car released her EP, What Anyone Would Do back in October. Surviving the Golden Age is excited to premiere the video for the third single from the collection, “Everything You Never Had.”

The track mixes gauzy synths with handclapped drums and Robin Schorr’s steady vocal delivery. The video mimics the steady yet psychedelic feel of the track. “I was thrilled to work with the Chicago-based animation artist Qianwen Yu on the video,” said Schorr. “It is fully hand-drawn in her unique style, with psychedelic swirls turning into hearts turning into birds which fly away. I’ve always passionately loved animation, especially the dreamy and imaginative world of hand-drawn animation, so it was exciting to discover this amazing young artist whose sensibilities are so inspiring.”

Indeed the visuals are worth watching even if you end up not liking the song but with the catchy chorus and layers of synth, I bet you’ll be mesmerized by both.

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