Bottler: Clementine

Lifelong friends turned electronic music duo Pat Butler and Phil Shore, aka Bottler, churned out a two-track demo recently that was picked up by the label InFiné. With the support of their newfound partner, the pair’s debut EP Clementine went live this May 8th. They name Depeche Mode, Nine Inch Nails, Bonobo, and Caribou as their musical heroes, and those influences are plainly sprinkled throughout. Some of their older singles, which are also included as a part of this release, have been around for a few years. While they show great promise, there is a sense that their expansive style leaves much untouched as of yet; they would surely benefit from producing in greater quantities (easier said than done, of course), almost as if they were holding out on us. Perhaps, their new deal and release exhibits signs of them revving their engines.

The four tracks include the lead single “Nobody Likes Me”, whose faded, sweetly melancholic piano tune gives way to a moody baseline and petulant refrain: ‘nobody likes me/everybody hates me’. The next track, “When I Don’t Think of You” hangs on to their downhearted lyrical spirit, but is a progressively groovier, more upbeat step towards the band’s indie side. “Day Sleeper Peace Keeper” takes yet another turn in an ambient jungle direction, once again expanding their sonic repertoire. The finale “Weekend” is actually one of their first songs ever written, and fits into the electro-punk category with head-banging ease. It also hits close to home for Butler and Shore’s own personal journey as musicians; the relatable dream-chasing drive for genuine purpose and passion. Bottler’s penchant for brooding lyrics enmeshed with their rhythmically repetitive qualities is an exploration of the hotbed of musical styles surrounding them in Brooklyn, in a manner that keeps their genre-evading essence flexible. While there’s no word out yet on future projects, they are worth keeping on your radar.

Rating: 6.5/10

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