Boyfrndz: Natures


Austin based band, Boyfrndz, has been playing since 2011 with a lineup of some seriously talented musicians. Determined to make some great music, the band released their first full length album, “All Day Pass,” just a year later. Come 2013, we have their new five track EP, Natures.

First track first; “All Get Out,” is one of the greatest seven minutes of music to listen to. The song is mood setting, and acts like an appetizer of what’s to come. It starts off quiet, layers of noise are built, the instruments seemingly sort themselves. The drums attack, the beginnings of a melody start to form, then the vocals, the mood intensifies, and each little piece begins to come together. It’s a great way to start the album, but things really pick up later in on the song. “All Get Out,” is like an overture of whats to come. Haunting vocals, a mix of organ sounds, hammering drums, and a vicious guitar blast through your speakers with incredible energy. From the start, Boyfrndz let’s you know what they’re made of.

An EP is tricky business, a small selection of songs has to deliver big time –there’s no room for error. Natures continues to impress though, and each track speaks for itself. For instance, the fourth track, “Take The Arm,” starts off with a slow crescendo. Haunting and eerie, the song slowly builds more and more. Finally, it all comes to a head, and in a flurry of drum hits, guitar strums, and droning vocals, the song edges along more and more. Spacey, aggressive, noisy, and ethereal, Natures is a showcase of Boyfrndz’ various sounds and styles. From the catchy melodies of “Moving Parts,” to the slowed, graceful rhythms of”Water Weight,” each song stands as a testament to the band’s skill.

Unfortunately, as is the way of EPs, it’s difficult to give some solid words overall. Per each of it’s five tracks, Natures is awesome. There’s little to dislike about it, but at the same time, little to actually love about it. Boyfrndz has produced a song or two that will sell the EP itself alone, that’s undeniable; but Natures is an EP and as such, it only has a couple of those “a-ha!” moments. In fact, at times, the entire thing can come off a little overcooked. Boyfrndz doesn’t have a terribly individualistic style, and therefore without much variation in their sound, this isn’t a very replayable EP.

Without being a prior fan of Boyfrndz, or even remotely knowing the band well, I’m sold. There’s not a single doubt that Natures is good. Each song is a beautiful math rock endeavor. Hopefully, in the future, we’ll have more Boyfrndz, and more excellent music.

Rating: 7.0/10
MP3: Boyfrndz “All Get Out”
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