Brittany Lee Moffitt “Sleeper Sofa”

South Bend-based singer/songwriter, Brittany Lee Moffitt just released her new single, “Sleeper Sofa.” A confessional piano ballad at its heart, the song is enhanced by a beautiful string arrangement giving it a chamber pop feel. The diary-esque lyrics are about “a relationship that was on the rocks, and my desperate attempt to make things better by catering to my now ex boyfriend’s needs: this one particular need being his allergies being set off by an old used couch in my small studio apartment,” say Moffitt. “I ended up buying a sleeper-sofa in the hopes that he would be more comfortable at my place. It’s at the same time symbolic of the fact our relationship was pretty much doomed no matter what I tried, but I wasn’t willing to let go yet. We fought a lot and by then the damage was done and the ugly truth was unavoidable, just like the fact that even with the sleeper-sofa, his allergies would still be set off.”

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