Premiere: Broken Ocean: We Are Antennae

Seattle-based producer, Broken Ocean is preparing to release his new album, We Are Antennae on August 16th. Surviving the Golden Age is excited to offer an exclusive stream of the album.

Opening track, “Many Moons Ago,” sets the tone for the album. With flourishes of acoustic guitar and warped vocals, the track shows Broken Ocean’s most experimental side. Other tracks like “Maelstrom” and “Adelaine” follow in the path of “Many Moons Ago” but feel a little more accessible. The album has a few great instrumentals: “Middle Of Your Day” or “U Evol I”, both of which sound like they could be played at a spa. The album ends on its most abrasive note, the darkly titled “After the Suicide.”

Whether its experimental electronic or chill, Broken Ocean creates a unique world where things often are not what they seem. We Are Antennae is a triumph.