Calhoun: Heavy Sugar

Calhoun: Heavy Sugar
I have no idea why but when I saw that I was reviewing a band called Calhoun I assumed they were going to be a punk/hardcore band. They are not. On the band’s third studio album, Heavy Sugar, the Forth Worth-based quintet makes sweet indie pop.
The brand of indie pop Calhoun makes is not exactly revolutionary. Listening through Heavy Sugar a million apt comparisons sprung to my mind. Opening track “Knife Fight” features Death Cab for Cutie-esque guitars while indulging in Cub Country-esque alt-country.
The alt-country thread continues throughout the album. “Ryders” is reminiscent of one of my favorite alt-country groups, Scud Mountain Boys. The track features banjo and piano while lead singer Tim Locke is a dead ringer for Joe Pernice.
Despite the less than unique sound, Calhoun does a nice job crafting lush pop tunes. It is nothing that is going to blow your mind but it is a nice listen.
Rating: 7.8/10
MP3: Calhoun “Ryders”
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